Ductless Mini Splits for Office Buildings

Do you need a way to heat and cool your office that doesn’t cost a fortune? Do you want the reliability of central HVAC units but don’t have the space for ductwork? You should install a ductless HVAC system!

Many offices and commercial properties lose money by heating and cooling empty space. Don’t you want a heating and cooling system that will efficiently heat and cool only the office spaces at the temperature you want it be? Ductless mini-splits are ideal for offices, bed and breakfasts, warehouses, workshops, and any other commercial property.

Known as a mini-split or a multi-split, ductless systems rely on electricity and are made of two—or more, in the case of a multi-split—units. The outside unit is connected to the indoor unit through a tiny hole in your wall, and has its own refrigerant line.

If you’re looking for a compact way to cool and heat your commercial property, contact us about a ductless mini-split system!

Why Go Ductless?

Ductless heating and cooling has a number of benefits, the most prominent of which is that it offers flexible, zoned comfort for employees or customers. Central heating and air conditioning is controlled by one thermostat, so if you want one part of the office a little bit cooler or warmer than the rest, you’re out of luck. It doesn’t matter if half of your office space is used for storage, you need to pay for cooling all of it with central systems. Because you can program your ductless mini-split individually, everyone stays comfortable, and you save money!  You can even have one office running in the cooling mode, while another is heating.

Other benefits include:

  • Low costs. Using Mini-Split Ductless systems can prove to save you thousands of dollars, compared to a conventional system, based on the easy of installation versus a challenging ducted system.
  • Efficient heating and cooling. Ductless systems are incredibly energy-efficient, because they minimize the losses realized with ductwork, and can save you money each month on your energy bill.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Ductless heatpump systems run on electricity, and are much more efficient most of the year, compared to using natural gas or other fuels that might harm the environment.
  • Zoned comfort. You can keep each room a specific temperature without having to mess with the thermostat, which is great for additions, bed and breakfasts, and office buildings. You can even set and operate your system via the internet if you choose.
  • Compact heating and cooling. Where space is a concern, ductless mini-splits come in a variety of configurations to prevent giving up valuable space in your office.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Thanks to their small size and no need for ductwork, ductless mini-split installation is quick and painless. When we install your ductless mini-split, the outdoor section is smaller than most conventional outdoor units - They can even be installed on a mounting bracket attached to the side of the building.  Ductless indoor units have come a long way since their inception, you can mix and match many different type of indoor units to fit the requirements of the space.

Ductless Mini-Split Repair

Even the best ductless systems need repairs every once in a while, and when yours does you can count on us to get it working again. Common problems a ductless mini-split owner might see are:

  • Improper drainage
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Loud noises coming from the compressor
  • Overheating
  • Broken motor or fan

When you need ductless mini-split repairs, contact your comfort specialists here at ComfortMaster!

Why Choose ComfortMaster for Your Ductless Mini-Splits?

ComfortMaster cares about you and your business. We provide you with 24-hour emergency service and quality, licensed technicians. We also pride ourselves on our:

  • Transparent pricing: we always tell you the costs up front and will discuss all details with you.
  • Up-to-date training: our technicians stay current with technical issues in the industry and always use the latest technology to ensure your comfort.
  • Respect for your property: we clean up after ourselves and arrive on-time for appointments. We realize you have lives, too, and we respect your building, inside and out, as if it was our own.

If it’s time for you to have a ductless system installed, contact ComfortMaster today for a quote!

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